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Oxford Real Farming Conference

jeudi 7 janvier 2021

La Oxford Real Farming Conference 2021 se déroule dans le monde entier, du 7 au 13 janvier 2021, avec de nombreuses sessions traduites en français. Achetez vos billets aujourd’hui : http://bit.ly/33Vmb2r. Diffusion de contenu en streaming depuis 6 continents.

Des conférences sur le foncier

Avec traduction simultanée en français :

Vendredi 8 janvier
Access to Land : Case Studies from Western Europe

This session will hear from four projects in Western Europe pioneering ways of providing access to land for ecological food production and new entrant farmers. We’ll learn of different business models used in the UK, Germany, Belgium and France to inspire different models across the world and give insights into the context in which these projects operate and the practicalities of making them work.

Mardi 12 janvier
The Financialisation of Land Sales

We are witnessing the increasing financialisation of land and territories as land and natural resources are sold off to financial actors such as banks, pension funds, and insurance companies. These actors often make use of complex investment webs involving any number of intermediaries, brokers, tax avoidance loopholes and off-shore schemes. All of these are attempts to distance themselves from public scrutiny, regulation, taxation and accountability. This is hugely disempowering for communities as it means that decisions are taken about land that are distant, undemocratic and hidden.

And agricultural land is by no means protected. And whether the new owners have purely financial motivations or have some interest in what the land offers (biomass, commodity sales), the outcome is the same : investors acquiring shares prioritise profitability, relegating agricultural production together with its social functions and its environmental objectives to a secondary place.

- To what extent is financialisation happening in Europe ?
- What are the consequences in terms of transparency of land ownership, the flouting of regulations, the impact on farmers’ independence, and impact on farm succession ?
- How may we combat the financialisation of land sales ?

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